From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 1)


My name is Banshee Legend, I am a veteran delivery agent at WINGSPAN Delivery Services. I have also been friends with the owner of this blog, Mr. Shinzo (aka Shitzo) Shikimira for the bigger part of my EVE career. He was kind enough to give me Editorial permissions for his blog.

You might be asking why I am here in the first place. Well, it’s simple. I wanted to tell the story of my pvp career in EVE, and didn’t want to make a blog about it alone. Ready? I know I’m not… Let’s go!

It all started with a character named Ezekielle Tsukaya. She was the first capsuleer that I had created, now just a blob of pod goo in the intestines of Jita 4-4’s waste removal systems. She was a miner, which is the first “job” to most newcomers to EVE (I guess?). She didn’t live long, as when my first month of game time came to an end, so did my EVE career for the time being. It was just too boring. Ezekielle was my first capsuleer that I experienced a bit of pvp with. I was mining in a low sec system, when a guy in a rifter came up and pointed me. What he didn’t know was that I had a cloaky friend with me. As you may have figured out already, I didn’t die. If I recall correctly, that was my last day of EVE for a while.

Enter Banshee Legend: a character named after my favourite bicycle, she was a minmatar pilot, which I swore would never sit in a mining ship. My next step was finding a new passtime in New Eden. I took upon myself to go for mission running. For one, it turned out to be a lot more entertaining. Also, I found the first corporation and first friends in EVE: Everfleet Canada. This is where I lost my first ship too. It was a mighty Typhoon class battleship. Gosh, it was a beautiful hunk of junk. See how I wrote was?

This Typhoon, lovingly named EFV BRICK (let’s face it, they do look like bricks), was my first ever pvp loss in EVE Online. I lost her in high-sec space, to a lone pilot in an Enyo. How did that happen? I was running a level 4 Damsel in Distress with a friend, he came in and stole the damn Damsel. When we noticed that, he had already gone suspect by flipping one of the wrecks, and me, having ~2 million SP, and a friend in a Rupture engaged him. It didn’t go well.

phoon 1
At least it tanked 95k, right? RIGHT?

This was painful. So painful, in fact, that I was about to leave New Eden again, for good this time. But then it clicked: if some dude in a frigate could kill a battleship, why the hell can’t I? This, ladies and gentlemen, was my breaking point. I asked around for some good matari frigates that a guy with low SP and virtually no gunnery  skills could fly, and settled with the Republic Fleet Firetail, which is still one of the most beautiful ships in EVE to this day, and I set out to hunt in low-sec. Wanna take a guess how that went?

It went horrible.

Notice something about the first lossmail? Yeah, I engaged a dude on a gate. Why? He killed me (the lower lossmail is actually the earlier one, forgive my pro formatting skills), I went to Hek, bought another ship, forgot to fit half my tank and rigs, and went out to find him, only to get gategun aggro since the limited engagement ran out moments before i clicked my modules. Yay. It was clear that I couldn’t just learn pvp alone (spoiler alert: in the long run, I did), so I asked for some help from a friend. And help came, in a big way. Just 4 days later I got to participate in my first pvp fleet and got my first in-fleet kills.

Boom baby!

This fleet with friends gave me some insights on how to choose targets, and a bit more than a day later I got my first pvp kill. It was an afk venture in lowsec, but hey, a kill is a kill right?


Seeing that venture explode was the most beautiful thing I remember. The 100.000 ISK bounty put on my head was even more beautiful. Even the carebear dudes in my corp were glad I got my first solo kill. Until I lost a few more ships and was kicked from the corporation, because killboards, yo! Especially coming from a damn carebear corp. Sheesh.

I think that’s all for part one, coming up next time: my time in RvB (pls don’t go there if you want to learn pvp) and the story of how I found out cloaky ganking is fun as hell.

Till next time!

o7 Banshee


2 thoughts on “From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 1)

  1. LifeLine Kim May 11, 2016 / 4:44 AM

    Im going through my own experience like this right now and its similiar to yours (im close to/around that breaking point, point) so keep writing curious to see how my endevours end up.


    • Banshee Legend May 11, 2016 / 7:01 AM

      I’ll try to write more today, if there’s low flow of people at work. Thanks for the support and good luck in your own journey!


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