From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 2)

Hello again!

Back once again and I’m here to continue my story of growing spaceballs and going out to kill people. Last time we left the story where I got my first solo pvp kill. Yeah, the one where I killed a venture afk mining in lowsec, then lost some ships and got booted out of a carebear corp for messing up their killboard. Cool, eh?

The story continues with Banshee Legend (me) being corpless and friendless, looking for a new place to stay in. And I found one. It was the Red Versus Blue stuff. I asked around in the official unofficial EVE Online group on facebook, and all the people said go to RvB, you’ll learn all what you need for solo pvp. I didn’t.

Two days is all I could manage in a place where 1v1 doesn’t exist

I decided to go on and found a promising home, which was a little nullsec corp in the depths of providence, where I spent a couple of months running mining fleet security in an arty thrasher, waiting for a bomber to come in and try to pop my friends. These were the most boring two months in my EVE career. I felt like I was back to mining, which, if you think about it, was true in a way. I needed change.

This is when I found videos of a guy flying a solo stealth bomber, shooting all kinds of explorers and miners, and being all smug about it. Then I thought to myself: I already have quite a bunch of missile skills, my racial frigate is at 5… I should get a stealth bomber. And I did. I packed my bags, said my farewells and went out to get myself a stealth bomber. While waiting for a WINGSPAN Delivery Services recruiter to contact me I was back out in lowsec and even some J space, learning the ropes of stealth bombers. It didn’t go well. I didn’t know my engagement profiles, didn’t know I could overheat (yes, you read that right) and I was still having a blast.

to have a blast (v): getting shot to shit by a brawling breacher

I was accepted to WINGSPAN Delivery Services the next day. First thing I did was join a bomber’s bar fleet and get a few lol-worthy kills.

I’m pretty sure we all know who this guy is

My pvp career was getting kick started by my new corporation. I was told about bomber engagement profiles, how to hunt, and that patience was key. It wasn’t long before I found a few people to fly with, people who were kind enough to teach a noob about the thrill of the hunt. It’s been close to two years, and I still haven’t found a better community of pilots in EVE. About a week later, it happenned. I found a lone Helios running relic sites in a wormhole. I spent a while scanning at the same time he was, then wathced him do a couple of sites and pounced… It was my first solo kill for a non-afk pilot. Baby steps right?

I still remember how my hands were shaking

I also got to write my own smug mail!

I wonder if his pod was filled with the same substance…

It was the dawn of a new era for me. In a year or so to come, I flew all kinds of cloaky ships, lead gank fleets, even got noobman’s alt in an Obelisk… But every time I would take out a non cloaky ship, it would end up in a ball of fire. Every. Single. Time. So what did I do? I chose the easy path and stopped actual pvp whatsoever. I was sure I was doing everything wrong. Until one day, during the whole WDS taking over Thera *ahem* “operation”.

More on that next time.

o7 Banshee


One thought on “From Carebear to PvPer: a Pilot’s Story (pt. 2)

  1. LifeLine Kim May 14, 2016 / 2:32 AM

    Good read, keep ‘er going


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